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Zipper x Canon

Medium F1B Shepadoodles.

They are a cross between Canon (30 lbs), and Zipper, an F1 Standard Shepadoodle (50 lbs.)

Canon is incredibly intelligent and is a great retrieving dog.  He loves kids and enjoys cuddling on the couch. Zipper is also very smart and is very drawn to kids.  She is the most compassionate dog we have ever had. She lives to serve and has a heart of gold.  

These dogs will make great family dogs, emotional support dogs and even service dogs.  

We have a one-year health guarantee on all genetic defects.  Puppies will be up to date on shots and parasite prevention at the time of pickup or delivery.  


Shepadoodles F1B Medium: Our Services

Please click on each image for more information. 

Shepadoodles F1B Medium: Text
Shepadoodles F1B Medium: Butter Winter 21
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