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How We Got Started

 We are a husband and wife with two young boys who share a passion for dogs.  I am a Navy  veteran and recently graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in Studio Art. My wife runs an online retail business.

We have been running this family kennel since 2016.  We absolutely love connecting people with their puppies and that is why we set up Fluff Family.  We treat each one of our puppies like they are the pick of the litter. We strive to provide the most stable and loving environment possible to help these guys prosper as adult dogs in a family.  We follow the

developmental steps set forth in Puppy Culture and we train really great puppies. 

We decided to breed Shepadoodle and Aussiedoodle breeds after years of breeding Australian Shepherds and other doodle breeds that we tried out.  These two breeds are highly adaptable and very easy to train.   

All of our dogs are on a raw diet and we take a hollistic aproach in medical treatment.  For families choosing to do kibble we can add some dry kibble to their diet so they can easily transition to a kibble base diet.  We do recommend considering a raw diet. We never use any chemicals on our puppies and our only flea and tick prevention is brewers yeast.  All of our dogs are Embark tested.

We want to continue to be small enough to be really close with all of our dogs and at the same time provide high-quality hand-raised puppies.   

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